Friday, January 14, 2011

To Sew or Not to Sew? That is the Question!

Well I can now answer that because I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my AMAZING husband! In high school I took 4 years of Home Ec and LOVED the sewing part of it. I made pj's, footballs, and even started my own scrunchy business! Man just saying scrunchy makes me feel O-L-D. We just had our 10 year reunion last year, so I guess that does make me a little old...booo!!! Anyway, I have seen some AWESOME tutorials on blogs for sewing projects. Here are a couple that have caught my eye and I can't wait to try!

1. Rose Pillow

2. Breakfast Area Curtains

All the projects also having me dreaming about fabric, here are a few that I adore:

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