Friday, December 31, 2010

Advent Calendar and Christmas Decor

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year! I wanted to try to take it all in, so I created an advent tree! I got the verses from Gretchen at New Every Morning . I love the way the verses lead up to Christmas Day. Verses are also below...

1. Job 12:13,22
2. Psalm 103:8-12
3. Jeremiah 31:3
4. John 10:11,14
5. Isaiah 43:1-4
6. Micah 5:2,5
7. 1John 5:11-12
8. Isaiah 9:6-7
9. Hebrews 11:6
10. Isaiah 53:1-5
11. Isaiah 53:6-7
12. Isaiah 53:10-11
13. John 16:33
14. Isaiah 60:1
15. 1 John 5:13
16. Isaiah 11:1-2
17. Luke 2:1-7
18. Isaiah 7:14
19. Luke 2:8-15
20. Luke 2:16-20
21. Luke 2:28-32
22. Luke 2:39-40
23. Matthew 2:1-6
24. Matthew 2:7-12
25. John 3:16

For each day we would read that days verse as well as all of the others leading up to it. It has been fun and we will definitely do it again next year!

If you would like to create one, this is all I did...
1. Gather Sticks from backyard and spray paint white.
2. I went through my Scapbook paper and found a green stripe and a solid red. I cut the green in a little smaller square with the red a little larger. I used mod podge to attach the two squares together
3. Stamp the days on the front
4. Use fine point permanent marker to write verse on the back
5. Hole punch squares
6. Cut ribbon about 3 inches and fold in half and thread through the hole punch.
7. Pick where on your branches you want it to go, and I just wrapped it around the branch and hot glued the ends of the ribbon together.

I put the branches in a red vase filled with peppermints to anchor them. We keep a Bible on the table to go through and read together at night.

A few of our other Christmas Decorations...

Hope y'all had a great Christmas!

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